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It is apparent that given the technical depth that infrasound can be applied to within weaponry, a very in depth analysis of each device would be required.The present chapter within this text will analyse research collated that will allow for a greater insight into the application of infrasound on the human body, thus allowing us to formulate a background before exploring the outcome of the research tested within this study.Tips for how to protect yourself from scams can be found at AARP’s Fraud Watch Network. You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.The chamber was fed at the rear by two coaxial nozzles, the outer nozzle emitting methane, and the central nozzle oxygen.The length of the chamber was one- quarter the wavelength of the sound in air.

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As described in, “…design consisted of a parabolic reflector, 3.2 meters in diameter, having a short tube which was the combustion chamber or sound generator, extending to the rear from the vertex of the parabola.It is with occurrences like this that calls for a large amount of infrasonic monitoring to counter natural disaster detection.